What is love?

Have you ever thought about what love is?  I mean, think about it.  Can love be utterly selfless?  Ot is that God’s alone?  Is it an emotion?  A decision?  A gut reaction?  Do we choose who we love?  If so, why do we make that choice?  Why do we love the ones we do?  Is it because we seek to bless them, or is it because they bring something else to the table?  Is it fondness for someone or their sensory input patterns?  Is it, in contrast to spiritual gifts, a set of actions and attitudes found in 1 Cor 13?  How is it that I guard very specifically to whom I say those three little words; yet, there are people I have no problem saying it to, but it becomes so difficult to others who I should feel compelled to love?  You can know for sure that if I tell you that I love you, you hold a special place in my life.

So?  What is it?  Or is this a question(s) without an answer?

Sugarland has quickly become one of my favorite acts in country music (in fact, their album Love On The Inside is about all I have been listening to lately).  They wrote a song that attempts to tackle this issue (a song whose chorus is so simple, melodically and lyrically, yet so intriguing).  While I don’t think this song holds the answers, or even is consistent in offering good questions, I think it’s an interesting song.  Here they are singing it on last year’s CMA awards:

Is it the face of a child?
Is it the thrill of danger?
Is it the kindness we see in the eyes of a stranger?
Is it more than faith?
Is it more than hope?
Is it waiting for us at the end of our rope?
Is it the one you call home?
Is it the holy land?
Is it standing right here holding your hand?
Is it just like the movies?
Is it rice and white lace?
Is it the feeling I get when I wake to your face?
Is it the first summer storm?
Is it the colors of fall?
Is it having so little and yet having it all?
Is it one in a million?
Is it a chance to belong?
Is it standing right here singing this song?
Is it a veil or a cross?
Is it the poet’s gift?
Is it the face that has launched over thousands of ships?
Is it making you laugh?
Is it letting you cry?
Is it where we believe that we go when we die?
Is it how you were made?
Is it your mother’s ghost?
Is it the wish that I’m wishing for your life the most?

I say it’s love.


proverbs 8

One would think that since I’m back at school it’d be easier to post on a daily basis.  Oh well.  It’s only the 18th and I’m only up to Prov 8.  So much for one a day =)

This chapter personifies wisdom to the point of being present in the creation of the world.  What strikes me is vv. 22-23:

YHWH possessed me at the beginning of His way,
Before His works of old.
From everlasting I was established,
From the beginning, from the earliest times of the earth

Wisdom is not some fad that changes with time.  The concept that the word stands for is not something that fluctuates, or something is intimidated.  So often in our culture, what we view as acceptable and wise decisions do not necessarily have to be true for everyone.  Although we may not agree with someone, we say that we respect their view, their decision.  We put up with falsehoods for the greater “good” of loving one another.  Wisdom isn’t like that, though.  It is what it is.

And it is what God is.  YHWH has always possessed this absolute truth which is wisdom.  I’d go so far as to say that God is the only place where wisdom can be found.  To find wisdom, we need to search for what God considers wisdom.  Is this something that I do daily?  In reading through Proverbs, I’ve been convicted with a good many things.  I think it’s one of those books that is continually applicable, and everytime I read it, something new will pop out depending on what is transpiring in my life at any given time.

Blessed is the man who listens to me,
Watching daily at my gates,
Waiting at my doorposts.
For he who finds me finds life
And obtains favor from YHWH.
But he who sins against me injures himself;
All those who hate me love death
.  (vv. 34-36)

Pretty straightforward warning there.

In closing, I just had to post this.  Despite being a little scratchy on one of those Ds near the end, this is just one evidence why Kelly Clarkson is one of the finest female singers currently active.  If you’re gonna go for those big notes, you’re gonna hit a wall every now and then.